RDCL World Lunch-Debate


On July 13, 2017, Banque BEMO was the main sponsor of a lunch-debate organized by RDCL World at le Maillon restaurant, in the presence of Mr. Saroj Kumar Jha - the World Bank newly appointed Regional Director, in charge of Iran, Irak, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria - in addition to the presence of a large number of seasoned Bankers and business leaders.

During the lunch-debate, both Mr. Jha and Dr. Zmokhol stressed on the importance of a partnership between the private and public sectors. While  Mr. Jha stated that many difficulties can be solved by the implementation of effective reforms, suggesting for the state to hand over a part of the production to private companies, Dr. Zmokhol called for the World Bank to help Lebanon organize more transparent public markets or support the adoption of a legislation to regulate public-private partnerships.

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